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This website is the joined effort of numerous veterinarians, who work with elephants world-wide. 

The name(s) of the vet(s) who contributed to a particular topic is mentioned in the left upper corner of each topic page. Some authors may wish to remain anonymous. In that case, the name has not be filled in.

Some cases have been published online as open source manuscript and are incorporated in this website via an internet-link.

You are encouraged to critically read the information and the clinical cases described on this website and send us your comments!

Please submit your clinical cases, no matter whether they have a happy or a sad ending. By sharing our experience we can all learn from each other.

Willem Schaftenaar (veterinarian), performing transrectal ultrasonographic examination in an adult Asian elephant at the Dak Lak Elephant Conservation Center

Willem Schaftenaar, DVM

Website moderator

Worked for 30 years at Rotterdam Zoo as clinical veterinarian.

Veterinary advisor to the EAZA elephant TAG

Associate researcher Elephant Care International.

Susan Mikota (veterinarian) auscultating an adult Asian elephant

Susan Mikota,DVM

Co-founder and Director of Veterinary Programs & Research for Elephant Care International

Contributions have been made both anonymously as by name. All the names are known to the moderator.

Named contributors are:

Dalen Agnew DVM, PhD, DACVP, Department Chair and Associate Professor Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation at Michigan State University (USA)

Marcus Clauss, University of Zürich (Switzerland)

Thittaya  Janyamethakul (Tip), DVM., MS, Patara Elephant Farm, Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Susan Mikota DVM, Co-founder and Director of Veterinary Programs & Research for Elephant Care International (USA)

Fieke Molenaar DVM, senior veterinary officer Zoological Society of London Zoo (UK)

Ann-Kathrin Oerke, PhD, researcher at Göttingen Primate Center (Germany) and Research advisor to the EAZA elephant TAG

Vijitha Perera DVM, Senior veterinarian Elephant Transit Home, Sri Lanka

Van Thin Pham DVM, head veterinarian at Dak Lak Elephant Conservation Center (Vietnam)

Christian Schiffmann DVM, veterinarian (Germany), research advisor to the EAZA elephant TAG

Linda Schiffmann, zoo keeper, TBZ - Tierbegegnungszentrum, Hochrhein (Germany).

Francis Vercammen DVM, zoo veterinarian at Antwerp and Planckendael zoo (Belgium) 

Taweepoke Angkawanish PhD,DVM, Lampang Elephant Conservation Center (Thailand)

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