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CAse report

Colic and Salmonellosis in an adult Asian elephant



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This adult multiparous female had been on GnRH-vaccine for over 4 years. Because of chronic joint disease, the elephant had been on phenylbutazone for over 1 year in combination with omeprazol.

Sudden onset of apathy, anorexia and hardly drinking water. Normal feces. Occasionally the elephant goes into a sitting position or lateral recumbancy, showing moderate straining activities. After this labor-like behaviour, herd mates investigate the perineal area of the elephant with their trunk.

Differential diagnose:

Labour, colics (intestinal, uterine or urinary)


The administration of phenylbutazone was discontinued

No specific treatment was given on the first day.

Treatment results

During the night the elephant became more active and the symptoms decreased.

The next morning, the animal behaved normal.

Diagnostic notes

Salmonella sp. was cultured from the feces on the day it showed the above mentioned symptoms

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