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case report

Tusk sulcus infection

Place: Dak Lak elephant Conservation Center Vietnam

Date: 2017

Data provided by: Van Thinh Pham, DVM


Purulent discharge from the dental sulcus in an adult Asian elephant bull since a few days. The area around the sulcus was itching, demonstrated by the bull by frequent rubbing the tusk base against trees.


Frequent blowing sand in the sulcus area may also be the cause of this problem. in this case, no sand or dirt was present in the sulcus. An infection with larvae of the stomach bot (Cobboldia sp.) was suspected.

Tusk sulcus infection in an adult Asian elephant bull caused by Cobboldia sp.


The dental sulcus area was cleaned with cotton wool and flushed with Betadine and the  bull was treated with ivermectin SQ, 0,2 mg/kg BW

Treatment results

The sulcus lesion healed completely within 7 days.

Cobboldia (stomach bot) larvae

Cobboldia (stomach bot) larvae

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