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Case report

Mandibular fracture

Date: 2020

Place: 13th Asian Society of Conservation Medicine Virtual Conference


•Coconut-sized abscess on left mandible
•Asymmetric buccal margins
•Tongue ulceration
•Foul-smelling caseous material

Swelling on the jaw of an Asian elephant caused by a fracture of the mandible.
View of the oropharynxs of an Asian elephant showing the asymetry due to a mandibular fracture

Diagnostic results

•Radiography 70kVp, 10mAs
•Lateral and intraoral bisecting angle
•Soft tissue swelling
•Callus formation


Conclusion: Left sided comminuted fracture at the body of the mandible.

Unilateral mandibular fracture on left side → Malocclusion → Failure of 𝑀3 extrusion on right side → Impeded eruption of caudal molar on right side → Abnormal eruption of 𝑀5 on right side → Excessive molar abrasion on the left side → Compromised mechanical digestion of food → Anorexia → Malnutrition

Radiograph of the mandible of an Asian elephant clearly showing the commuted fracture.


The animal was not a release candidate, and keeping the animal in captivity for a prolonged period nor permanently was not an option. Therefore, the authorities opted for euthanasia.

Mandible of a young asian elephant showing an old fracture of the left jaw.
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